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The Piping World

Elevate your cake decorating game with our premium piping bags and piping tips! Designed for both novice bakers and seasoned professionals, our high-quality tools are crafted to help you achieve stunning results with ease.

Decorating Piping Tips & Bags

Whether you’re icing cupcakes or cookies or cake decorating supplies, having the right icing tools on hand is vital in order to ensure the best results. Piping bags and piping tips are some of the most important tools for icing, allowing for the creation of intricate patterns and beautiful floral flourishes. At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we’re proud to offer a great range of piping tips, piping bags and other cake piping supplies to help you perfect your icing every time.

Our Available Range

Within our range of quality piping bags, piping nozzles and other piping supplies, you’ll find:

  • Traditional tips & tip sets – We’re proud to stock a range of traditional piping tips and tip sets from leading brands, with our range including Wilton piping tips as well as products from other great brands.
  • Pastry bags – We offer pastry bags and piping bags in a variety of sizes, with options ranging from 35cm right up to 55cm.
  • Russian tips & ball tips – Choose from dozens of Russian piping tips to help you pipe icing in special shapes, including flowers, petals and swirls.
  • Couplers – Our cake decorating couplers make it quick and easy to change the piping tip that’s used with your cake piping bag.
  • Icing / piping kits – If you’re after a piping set that contains everything you need, look no further. We stock a fantastic cookie press and icing set that includes icing tips and other piping supplies.
  • Bag holders – Sick of your piping bags constantly falling over? Our range includes icing bag holders to keep your piping bag and piping nozzles upright.

Russian Piping Tips

If you’re looking for an easy way to pipe icing flowers, Russian piping tips are the answer. Russian piping nozzles feature intricate designs that pipe filling in special shapes, with floral options among the most popular. At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we offer an impressive range of Russian piping tips in Australia, allowing you to pipe flowers and other shapes with ease. Wondering how to use Russian piping tips? Attach a Russian piping tip to your piping bag, then fill the bag with a stiff buttercream frosting. Apply pressure to the piping bag until buttercream starts coming from the opening of the tip. Wipe the tip clean and then you’re ready to begin! Holding the flat end of the piping tip above the surface you’re decorating, apply gentle pressure to the piping bag and lift up as you do so. Once you’re three quarters of the way through the flower, stop applying pressure and pull the bag up until the tip separates from the buttercream. Repeat until you have as many flowers as you need.

Buy Cake Piping Tips & Piping Bags Today

For the best cake piping tips, piping bags and other quality piping supplies, shop online today at Hot Stuff Bakeware. You can also contact us to learn more about our available piping nozzles and bags before you place an order.


What are the piping tips and piping bags?

People who love to eat desserts have already fallen in love with the cream situated on cupcakes and many other bakery sweets. You may have seen various designs, shapes, and colours in those topped creams. Professional bakers use different nozzles or piping tips to give different designs to the tip. Piping bags are the pastry bags that are used to dispense cream. Here we've got almost every trending nozzle tip in our stock, which you can buy separately or in kits.

How can one use Russian piping tips for multicoloured cream spread?

To give your cupcake a multicoloured creamy top, you would need three pastry bags. You have to open the coupler and separate all three tips. Now each tip should be attached to one pastry bag. You have to put different coloured cream in every bag. You can now choose the nozzle to give the shape to the cream and fix the nozzle with the coupler ring.

Do you ship piping tips across Australia?

Whether you live in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, or wherever in Australia, we can deliver our products to your location as soon as possible. We even ship our products overseas with the help of reliable logistic businesses. No matter if you live in the metro, suburbs, or towns, we can deliver anything to your doorstep. Please see Delivery Information under Help to know more about the shipment.

How can I check Zippay eligibility?

At the bottom of our website you will find the Help section. There you have to choose ZipPay – Pay Later and click on apply on the result page. When you fill in all the needed information, Zippay will allow you to use their services on our website. This service allows you to buy anything on credit. Please call us on (03) 8360 3460 or email us at info@hotstuffbakeware.com.au for further assistance.