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Baking Mixes and Main Ingredients

Unlock the secret to irresistible cakes with the convenience of our expertly crafted cake mix. Upgrade your baking game and savor the sweet success with each delightful creation.

Cake Mix

Varieties of Cake Mix to Cook Multiple Confections

Plans for making cakes or other confectionery can't be executed without cake mix. At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we have provided top-quality mixes for a variety of dishes. Whether you want to make mud cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake, or muffins, we have provided quality mixes for all. Since we're one of the leading suppliers of baking essentials, you can trust our products and services.

Buy from a Vast Range of Other Ingredients

If you're looking for ready-made other ingredients, then you should look no further. We have offered here royal icing mix, Sugar Crafty isomalt crystals, isomalt nibs, titamium dioxide, cocoa butter, and much more. No matter if you're an individual baker or a confectionery business; you can check our range of products and order online as per your requirements.

Excellent Cake Mix at a Reasonable Price

Hot Stuff Bakeware never deals in cheap and doubtful products when it comes to offering ready-to-make batter or mixed ingredients. We have only provided the best brands so that you receive high-quality, fresh cake mix. Ready-made cake mix is always preferred to make the cakes earlier, saving so much time. Once you get the order, you only need to prepare the batter and bake the cake.

Bakels Cake Mix Trusted by Reputable Bakers

Bakels is one of the most reliable brands among reputable Australian bakers and local bakery businesses. This is one of the most recommended cake mixes, not only by Aussies but also by world-wide bakery businesses. You can make delicious cakes within minutes and without any additional help. Other ingredients that can be purchased to make your cake or cupcakes more appealing as well as tasty

Have questions about Cake Mix? Call us Straight Away

We're here to address your concerns about our products and services. Please dial 03 8360 3460 to speak to one of our experts, or send your queries to info@hotstuffbakeware.com.au.


What sweets can be made with cake mix?

The cake mix we have offered at Hot Stuff Bakeware can be used to make various desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and much more. It is entirely up to you how you will use the mix to create the perfect thick batter. Expert bakers have so many ideas for using a ready-made cake mix. However, you can make a chocolate cake, a fruit cake, a red velvet cake, delicious cup cakes, and so on.

What other ingredients do you offer?

When it comes to buying other ingredients, we have offered a range of categories from various reputable brands. You can buy liquid ingredients, edible sheets, powder, natural additives, and a household range of baking mixes. The other baking essentials provided are extremely rare on the market and excellent for achieving the desired taste in the desserts you intend to make.

Can you provide the mix needed to make macaroons?

Yes, you can buy Bakels macaron mix in bulk quantities. We have provided a 10-kg bag at a very affordable rate so that you don't need to make repeated orders. If you only need a small amount, we also have 1 kg Bakels maracon mix packs. We're here to make your online shopping for baking essentials more swift, so we're putting in more efforts. When you buy cake mix, you will be pleased with the quality.

What is the guarantee of a cake mix?

There is no possibility of receiving expired products, but if you are dissatisfied with the product description, you can return it without difficulty. Hot Stuff Bakeware will entertain your concern and provide you with an immediate solution. We'll help you out with replacement or cancellation, depending on your desire. However, there's a procedure you can check out in the return policy to learn more about it.