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Everything about 'Chocolate'

Experience the ultimate chocolate indulgence with our premium range of cooking chocolate products! From luxurious chocolate drips to high-quality baking chocolate and versatile modeling chocolate, we've got everything you need to create culinary masterpieces.

Cooking Chocolate

An Excellent Colour Range of Chocolate Drips

Would you love to make cakes in different colours? If so, you'll love the chocolate drips we have available at Hot Stuff Bakeware. We're offering rich shades like peach, mermaid blue, pistachino green, candy pink, and a lot of others to choose from. The ready-made bottle allows you to spread the coloured and melted chocolate directly on the cake's corners and surfaces.

Make Desired Sweets with Baking Chocolate

The raw chocolate pieces are excellent for making chocolate dishes such as cakes, cupcakes, small chocolates, and so on. You only need to melt the baking chocolate to use it further. We're offering top brands here, including Bakels and Vizyon, so you don't need to worry about the quality of the products. You can choose from white, regular, dark, milk compound, dark compound, etc. as per your requirements.

Enjoy 100% Pure and Trustworthy Chocolate Products

Our chocolate is guaranteed pure, so you can trust the quality. Whether you buy raw chocolate pieces, drips, drops, or modelling paste, you'll get superfine and excellent quality products. Our aim is to deliver a trending yet pure form of chocolate so that you get superb results every time. When you use top-quality chocolate paste, there's no doubt you'll enjoy baking and making creative desserts.

One-Stop Shop for All Chocolate Needs

Hot Stuff Bakeware has all you need in terms of raw chocolate or additional products. Overall, you should look no further for chocolate. Our range will fulfil all your requirements, whether you want to make hot chocolate espresso sauce, chocolate fondue, toasted marshmallows, sachetorte, cheesecake, honeycomb, and much more. You can also use it on cupcakes to make them more licious.

Discuss Your Chocolate Requirements Right Now!

We're here to assist you regarding chocolate products or anything else pertaining to baking requirements, please dial 03 8360 3460 and speak to one of our experts.


What are chocolate drips? How can we use them on cake?

Many cake developers make chocolate drips in their respected kitchens. Here, we're offering ready-to-use chocolate drips in a range of colors. Drips, since they are melted chocolate, are typically used to make drips that run on a cake surface. However, users use them in various ways, such as in brownies, juicy cupcakes, chocolate burgers, etc. Overall, wherever the user finds it appropriate to drip.

Is baking chocolate sugar mixed?

No, we're offering here a pure form of chocolate. You should cook according to the recipe and add only the suggested quantity while making the batter. Whether you want white chocolate, regular one, or dark compound, we have all for your convenience. You don't need to go any further for chocolate products. You can enjoy drops, chocolate drips, raw pieces, modelling paste, and much more in the stock.

How to make designer chocolates from Sprinks choco drops?

At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we're offering a range of colours of choco drops. When it comes to making colourful chocolates in desired shapes, you need to put some drops in a bowl and heat them in the oven. After you've melted and stirred a thick chocolate paste, all you need to do is fill your favourite silicone molds. Let it freeze until the paste again turns into solid chocolate. You can now wrap them up and use them further.

What if I'm not satisfied with the product quality while ordering in bulk?

When you're not happy with the product quality, you can simply return it to the source (within 7 days of the original order date). However, opened boxes are not accepted, but you can return the remaining packs. The buyer needs to inform us as soon as he receives the product. We request that you please go through our return policy to learn more, or call us at 03 8360 3460 for further clarifications.