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Trays and Muffins Pans

Elevate your baking game with our reliable and durable baking tray collection, a must-have tool for creating culinary delights in your kitchen. Crafted from durable materials, our oven tray is designed to provide even heat distribution for consistent and delicious results.

Baking Tray

Excellent Quality Aluminium Oven Tray and Muffin Pan

If baking is your passion, then we're also passionate about providing you with the best quality bakeware along with other crucial accessories, including edibles, baking tray and muffin pan, oven tray, and other decorative supplies. At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we offer a wide range of baking tools such as pans, racks, and flat trays. We're committed to supplying trusted, quality items to dedicated bakers. Since we understand your concerns about baking difficulties, we strive to make your baking experience better, simpler, and more fun.

Browse Our Broad Selection of Trays and Muffin Pans:

Hot Stuff Bakeware has a vast assortment of bakeware, so you can rely on us to have what you need whether you want flat aluminium large baking tray for commercial baking applications or muffin pans and trays for domestic usage.

Choose from a Variety of Cupcake Baking Tray and Pans:

Baguette Baking Pans ‚Äď Capable of baking or reheating two loaves simultaneously, our baguette and cupcake baking tray has a perforated anodised surface that maximises air circulation for more uniform and consistent cooking outcomes.

Cookie Sheet ‚Äď Our cookie aluminium baking pan is available in normal or heavy-duty variants and boasts easy-grip handles to avoid accidents and anodised surfaces for more consistent outcomes.

Pizza Tray ‚Äď Our¬†pizza baking plate, which is available in perforated and non-perforated designs as well as numerous round sizes, is ideal for preventing soggy crusts and reducing baking time without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Our small and large-size baking trays including cupcake baking tray and pizza aluminium baking tray are crafted from aluminium of the finest quality. Its incredible how much more exciting, joyful, and gratifying baking can be when the proper bakeware is available. Our flat aluminium baking tray is certain to encourage you to bake more often and enjoy a renewed feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Contact us for the highest-grade muffin pans and trays.

Order Aluminium Baking Tray Online Now!

You can depend on the staff at Hot Stuff Bakeware to provide you with flat aluminium baking sheets. Contact us on 03 8360 3460 for further information on our flat aluminium baking pans and trays. You may also make an order online by adding the relevant item to your shopping basket and through our straightforward checkout process.


Are trays and muffins pans suitable for commercial usage?

There's no doubt that you can use the Trays and Muffin pan for domestic as well as commercial requirements. Whether you love to bake for your family or for customers of your bakery, our quality trays are convenient to use in all type ovens.

What is the size of a large baking tray?

Since there are a range of trays and pans, to know the size of a small or large baking tray, you can select the particular product and check the size given in the product description.

What material is used to make cupcake baking tray?

At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we only trade in the quality products. The bakeware (tin products) that we provide are made of high-quality 18 gauge aluminium. The material of muffin and cupcake baking tray is proved safe for cooking and baking at many authorised labs.

Can buyer get same-day delivery for aluminium baking pan?

Yes, if you want the pan delivered to your location on the same day, you can check your postal code while ordering the product. If your postal code belongs to our same-day delivery service areas, you'll get the product on the day you make an order.

How promptly can you ship the aluminium baking tray?

Your purchase can be shipped within 48 hours (only working days). Please review the delivery information to determine the time required to reach your postal code.

Can the product be returned?

Yes, if you are unhappy with the quality of the goods, you can return unused goods to us within seven days after delivery, we will accept it. Please see our return policy for details on refunds and deductions.

What methods of payment do you accept?

In general, we take all major credit cards, such as American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. We also provide consumers with the opportunity to pay in instalments with Zippay. For additional information, please contact our team at 03 8360 3460. Additionally, you may email us at info@hotstuffbakeware.com.au.