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Decorating Tools

Unlock your creativity and take your cake decorating skills to the next level with our comprehensive range of professional-grade cake decorating tools! Whether you're a seasoned baker or just starting out, we have everything you need to bring your sweet creations to life.

Cake Decorating Tools

Baking Supplies in Melbourne

At Hot Stuff Bakeware, we’re proud to stock an extensive selection of baking supplies in Melbourne. Suitable for various domestic and commercial applications, our baking tools are guaranteed to make baking tasks easier and more efficient. Whether you need essential mixing tools for creating cakes or piping tools for filling baked goods, our range has you covered.

Products in Our Range

We have no shortage of baking tools, cake art supplies and cake decorating supplies in Australia.

Our range includes:

  • Baking mats that are suitable for various cooking environments and applications
  • Confectionary funnels for easily and accurately filling chocolate molds
  • Cake leveler products that can handle any cake and are simple and safe to use
  • Cake stencils for decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes and breads
  • Mixing tools such as mixing bowls, silicone whisks, spinning egg beaters and ice cream scoops
  • Piping bags that are ideal for filling cupcakes, √©clairs and cream puffs, or for quickly changing frosting colours
  • Piping tips that are suitable for various chocolate and icing products as well as savoury foods
  • Cake scraper products that are unbreakable, dishwasher safe, unaffected by fats and oils, and resistant to detergent products

  • In addition, we stock piping nozzles, decoration foam pads, decorating plungers, air brushes, rolling pins, compressors and much more. We‚Äôre confident that you‚Äôll find exactly what you‚Äôre looking for within our range.

What Makes Us Different?

Hot Stuff Bakeware is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to baking supplies. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of baking tools since 2003, we’ve developed a reputation for providing excellent quality products for domestic and commercial applications alike. Our technicians use only the finest raw materials to ensure our bakeware will last for many years to come even with continued use. We also offer affordable shipping to all major cities in Australia.

Browse Our Range Today

Hot Stuff Bakeware is your one-stop shop for baking tools and baking supplies in Melbourne, including piping bags, piping tips, piping nozzles, cake art supplies and cake stencils. Browse our range and buy online or contact us today to learn more and get your questions answered.


What cake decorating products do you have?

To begin with, we offer trusted quality cake decorating supplies that will help you to create visually pleasing and unique cake designs. Our team can assist you with purchasing cake decorating supplies in Adelaide so can have all the required items for exploring your creative side to baking. We provide high quality baking mixing tools consisting of top trusted brands so you can purchase according to your preferences.

What material are your Decorating Tools made of?

For our cake decorating tools we only sell high-quality silicone, stainless steel and aluminium products. Further, the range of cake decorating supplies in Australia also includes rolling mats, measurement scales, air brushes, compressor, painting brushes, ganache lid, ice pops, piping tips, cake scrapers, pastry knifes and other essential mixing tools.

Do you provide standard quality decorating tools?

Yes, we only provide high quality decorating tools that are made from finest raw materials that include aluminium, stainless steel, and silicone. This premium quality provides durability and stability for longer period so one could use it without stressing about anything. Our team offers diverse range of Bakeware tools that will make your task easier and help to achieve visually pleasing cake designs.

Who can use your decorating supplies?

Our premium quantity decorating tools are used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Generally, bakers proffer buying tools as it helps them to design aesthetic cakes that will create long lasting impressions on their clients. Progress in cake designs will help you to create loyal clientele profile as they would want to opt for your cake every time they have an event to celebrate.

What types of decorating supplies are included in your range?

The main objective is to provide trusted quality decorating tools. We have no shortage in our range of products that include baking mats, confectionary funnels, cake leveller, cake stencils, mixing tools, piping bags, piping tips, and scrapers. The tools are suitable for every cooking environment and baking applications so you can use without any worry.

Are these tools preferable for cake icing?

There is no denying, to the fact that our supplies are very much suitable for cake icing. We provide decorating tools that can whisk, scoop ice cream, beat eggs, and mix batter properly in the bowl. Further, the funnels are easy to use and access so one could accurately fill the chocolate moulds without messing the kitchen around. The piping bags and tips can fill the cupcakes and cream puffs easily as well as change the frosting colours.

Which types of payment options are available for decorating supplies?

We accept all major credit cards via Stripe and Zippay and Regular Australia Post Parcel Services will deliver your products with utmost convenience. Call us at (03) 8360 3460 or send us an email at if you have any questions about payment!